Saturday, November 28, 2009

a word meaning

Guys, I've been thinking about Douglas Adams recently. I just found this online transcript of The Meaning of Liff and decided it would be fun to make up some new words. Well, I only actually made up two new words, but I have a bunch of definitions for things that should be words. The first word is fnoolean.

Fnoolean (adj.)
Possessing a particular quality that causes one to be reminded of Douglas Adams. Once defined, the word fnoolean is itself fnoolean. Fnoolean sounds like boolean, as in, "It is either fnoolean or not."

Bivest (adj.) To have the desire for alcohol. (like thirst, but specifically for alcohol.)

"I'm so bivest. When is Susan coming back from the liquor store?"

And now the definitions. Let me know if you have any ideas for the words, or if what I'm thinking of is already a word.

To wander aimlessly.

To feel as if obligated to love.

To reduce a situation to a series of logical suppositions in order to attain a false sense of understanding.

To exert to exhaustion without purpose.

To ignore a problem.

To conjoin erratically, in the manner that insects breed.

To over-enunciate.

To mistake an identity.

To ignore out of shame.

To speak with the intent to deceive without actually lying.

To compare the pitch of two musical notes, as in tuning.

To mask one's emotions.

To conjecture without the an intent to come to a conclusion.

To hover in decision-making (I'm pretty sure this word exists but I can't think of it.)

To blame wrongly.

To admire a flag.

To feel excessive remorse.

To buck wildly.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

seventy-third death: a garflebonker

You are standing outside of a dungeon cell. There is a faint, raspy wheezing emanating from behind the cell's solid iron door. It sounds as if whatever is locked in there may be injured. There is a gendarme passing by.

_open door
It's locked.

_check inventory
You have: absolutely nothing.

_look gendarme
He is swaggering. There is a keyring attached to his hip.

_get key
You distract the gendarme with large, glistening eyes as you slip the keyring into your satchel.

_use key
It would probably be better to wait until the gendarme isn't looking.

_go south
You travel south down a long dungeon corridor until you reach a small window. There is a tapestry of a wyvern here. There is a corridor leading north and a staircase to the west that leads upwards.

_go north
You are standing outside of a dungeon cell. There is a faint, raspy wheezing emanating from behind the cell's solid iron door. It sounds as if whatever is locked in there may be injured.

_use key
You attempt to unlock the cell door using different keys on the ring. Finally, you turn one and hear a faint click.

_open door
You push on the cell door and it turns slowly. The sudden burst of air awakens the slumbering garflebonker and it staggers out, emitting a loamy yawn for cheesecake. The garflebonker rapidly overwhelms you with its might and exposes its crooked, rusty teeth. You have died.

Monday, November 16, 2009


You are standing in a garden outside a small palace of Hell. Behind you lies a curved path leading around towards the front entrance. The air is rich with the scent of Hellblossoms.

The sky is scorched. It is impossible to tell whether it is night or day. You are near a small, wooden gazebo. There are several large Hellberry bushes here.

_look bushes
Bright fist-sized blossoms hang in the bushes' dark, dense foliage. These berries must be enormous.

_get blossoms
You gingerly snap one off a nearby bush. It exhales a sigh as you tuck it into your inventory.

_look inventory
It's more of an abstract concept, really.

you have:
a demonic clavinova
(1) Hellblossom
rusty scraps

_eat Hellblossom
They are extremely poisonous.

_eat Hellblossom

_use clavinova
It isn't on.

_turn on clavinova
It powers on and runs through a scale.

_use clavinova
You flex your hands then draw out a merry ditty. The lilting notes bring you back to gladder times as you recall pleasant childhood memories in which you excel at sports.