Monday, November 16, 2009


You are standing in a garden outside a small palace of Hell. Behind you lies a curved path leading around towards the front entrance. The air is rich with the scent of Hellblossoms.

The sky is scorched. It is impossible to tell whether it is night or day. You are near a small, wooden gazebo. There are several large Hellberry bushes here.

_look bushes
Bright fist-sized blossoms hang in the bushes' dark, dense foliage. These berries must be enormous.

_get blossoms
You gingerly snap one off a nearby bush. It exhales a sigh as you tuck it into your inventory.

_look inventory
It's more of an abstract concept, really.

you have:
a demonic clavinova
(1) Hellblossom
rusty scraps

_eat Hellblossom
They are extremely poisonous.

_eat Hellblossom

_use clavinova
It isn't on.

_turn on clavinova
It powers on and runs through a scale.

_use clavinova
You flex your hands then draw out a merry ditty. The lilting notes bring you back to gladder times as you recall pleasant childhood memories in which you excel at sports.

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